The inaugural I AM gathering will be held October 11 and 12, 2017

in beautiful Saskatoon, SK at The Glen at Crossmount


Join us for a powerful 2 day exploration of your soul and connection to spirit. This event is specially designed for you...

to let go, to breathe, to be inspired,
to be challenged, and be safe...
with loving, like minded people.


Open your heart and expect great things!


Experience Anne Berube at

I AM gathering





Each speaker was divinely chosen to assist you on your personal journey!

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Dig into your soul! A unique opportunity to tap into your own intuitive abilities and direct connection to spirit!

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Music is a must with any celebration – it helps raise our vibration. Listen and enjoy!

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Each speaker was divinely chosen to assist you on your own spiritual path, to inspire you, to enrich you, to move you, to heal you, to expand you, to stir you, to uplift you.

This is the right place and the right time!


Carmel Joy Baird

Spiritual Medium | World Renowned Psychic | Hay House Author | Wife & Mother

Carmel is excited to be a part of the I AM Gathering, she will teach you how to find the truth within you, how to develop your intuition and everything you’ll need to know to begin giving readings for yourself, family & friends. From beginners to advanced students , you will be amazed at the amount of knowledge you will gain and the tools Carmel will give you to help enhance your life and your readings.





Anne Berube

PhD | Spiritual Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Hay House Author

Living her purpose every day, Anne is a powerful teacher with an uncommon ability to share her story and insights in a way that awakens the inner wisdom in others. A near fatal car accident from when she was 23 ignited her passion for sharing her experience and knowledge, and she has made it her life’s purpose to help individuals remember the happiness within them.



Lauren Heistad

Trance Healer | Psychic Medium | Inspirational Speaker | Author

There is nothing Lauren loves more than to inspire and teach others to harness their own inner light to create positive change in this world. As an Intuitive Healer, her life has been blessed with profound demonstrations of the Divine connections in all things. Lauren's first life-changing encounter occurred during her early twenties when an angel delivered a clear message to send healing energy to her Mom. She utilized her God-given abilities to send healing energies and loving intentions. 





Music is a must with any celebration – it helps raise our vibration. Listen and enjoy!


Annette Campagne

Folk/rock singer-songwriter

Annette has the ability to slip through the keyhole of life to gather up, heart in hand, music and lyrics that touch the soul and jump start the heart. She proves she is the quintessential Canadian artist; the bilingual, straight-shooting poet of a prairie girl who has seen the world but who revels in her prairie roots. She’s the hip, urban musician standing in a field of wheat singing about heartbreak and the thrill of new beginnings; about the refusal to compromise; about fury and forgiveness. Annette’s music is smooth and soulful with a hit of big sky country. It is the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested.



These Speakers at I AM



The Glen at Crossmount was selected as the venue for the inaugural I AM gathering because of its serene atmosphere in the country. It’s a beautiful, modern facility set amidst an orchard, pond and welcoming grounds. To create a spiritual conference in these surroundings is pure alignment.


Directions to Crossmount

Located 5km South of Saskatoon on Lorne Ave (Hwy 219). Just past Grasswood Road on your right, heading South.

#10 Glen Road, Crossmount, SK, S7T 0X8