I AM Gathering
I AM Kathy Donnelly


I AM your Spiritual Concierge, and
I AM here to assist your journey back to your grace and beauty.


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”




YOUR spirit
is calling you home


Imagine a weekend so powerful that it moves you beyond your current life’s challenges and changes your life!

A weekend where you are reintroduced to your own pure beauty, your power and you uncover your life’s purpose.


When You Come Back to Yourself,
You Come Back to a Life You Love!

Life is meant to be lived with passion and joy.
Yet, so many of us numb and hide. Instead of finding our peace, we . . .


dive into a glass of wine because we deserve it


seek validation in material things


work non-stop because that’s all we’ve ever known.


You can hear your soul calling out – “there has to be something more.” 

I AM Gathering can help you find the life of meaning – a life where you feel fulfilled, joyful and purposeful.

That’s Not Hyperbole – That’s the Real Thing.


I AM gathering is the best Spiritual, soul filling, earth-shattering weekend imaginable - and you just HAVE TO COME!”

Brittany Johnson
Arbonne National Vice President




I AM Gathering is like an imprint that will stay with you for the rest of your life like a gentle echo.
— Beatriz Gomez

The Life Force Energy that Connects us to Ourselves, To Each Other and To The Universe


Come Together for Fun, Learning and Greater Purpose


Discover How Incredible You Really Are

Call me anti-establishment. Call me a rebel. But I believe that you are uniquely magnificent.

Not because you’ve checked off a list of things you should do in life or because you haven’t. No – I see you.

Pure. Powerful. Beautiful You.

More than anything else, when I finally connected to my authentic self and recognized how we are all connected and the same, I  finally became free to discover my own exquisite self and live a spectacular life!

I AM Gathering is the culmination of a dream so you can see what I already know. To see how life can truly flow when you connect with yourself and deeply understand that inside, you and I are the same . . . pure love, pure beauty. 

I want you to see what I see in you. 

I AM Gathering is a celebration and an opportunity to open your mind to new paths and new perspectives so you can live the best version of your life – no matter where you find yourself right in this moment. 

I’ve curated this incredibly intimate event, in this beautiful place, so you can grow and learn from the most important spiritual sages of our time. 

xo Kathy Donnelly


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