2019 I AM gathering


These internationally acclaimed Spiritual Leaders are flying
into Calgary to join us for 2 days of


Neale Donald Walsch

“There is a divine purpose behind everything - and therefore a divine presence in everything.”

Seven-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author of the famous Conversations with God series, Neale is a renowned spiritual guide who helps others find a deeper connection with themselves, their souls and God.

Although Neale spent most of his life thriving professionally, he felt a deep yearning for spiritual meaning and had an early interest in religion and spirituality. In 1992, Neale had a pivotal encounter that resulted in his Conversations with Good series of books, which have been translated into 37 languages and have touched millions to make important changes in their day-to-day lives. 

Neale has written a total of 29 books on spirituality and its practical application in everyday life. Neale's work has taken him around the world, sharing with an eager audience how to live in peace, harmony and bring yourself closer to God.

He is dedicated to moving the world from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity and from anger to love. With a down-to-earth style, Neale shares how each of us can shift our own personal spiritual paradigm and move from living a life of illusion to truly see our own connection and beauty!


Dr. Anne Berube

“Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion and soul-reliance, we will always feel like something is missing in our lives.”

A powerful spiritual teacher, Anne has made it her life purpose to help others find greater happiness and reconnect to their soul’s purpose. Her path as a spiritual teacher was born out of a near-fatal car accident that unveiled a vision of a life of personal transformation and inner work.

A lifelong seeker of wisdom, Anne sought impressive academic endeavors, but could not forget the vision that her life was meant to hold something more. She sought spiritual training through the Chopra Centre, was initiated into Huna and received certifications as a certified WEL-Systems Institute facilitator. She has also and completed a course in NeuroPsychoidiology Life Coaching.

Anne is the author of the best-seller BE FEEL THINK DO and has perfected the art of improving happiness through THE HAPPY SESSIONS.

The meditations, conversations and exercises she shares will support you in embodying your spirituality, at a cellular level, and in reconnecting with a life-force within that will awaken your body and your mind to a joy and freedom that will last far beyond this magical weekend.

The moment I met Anne, I knew I had to go to one of her Happy Sessions. I wanted to reconnect with my truest and deepest self, having been feeling like somewhere along the way I lost who I am at my core. Through guided meditation and gentle discussion, Anne took me to a place within myself that I didn’t even know existed. The true gift is that I learned that I carry this within me at all times, and I can access that place, that person, ME, at any time. If you are seeking more peace and purpose in your life, be open to the possibilities and allow the Happy Sessions to propel you in your journey.
— Becky Keen


Hindu priest, self-development speaker and entrepreneur, Dandapani has revolutionized the business world with a fresh approach to work/life balance issues. With a focus on the art of concentration so you can connect within to better master the “outside world”, Dandapani has the unique ability to simplify the understanding of the mind.

“As soon as we control where awareness goes we control where energy flows. As soon as we control where energy is flowing we control what is manifesting in our life. And meditation is the art and science of directing awareness.”

By bringing practical spiritual tools to create sustainable change, Dandapani’s mission is to help people get to know themselves - on the most profound level. An enigmatic and funny speaker, he will share how the secret isn’t simply isn’t just in silencing your mind. But that you must create a lifestyle that supports your entire way of being, so that you can be in the flow in every aspect of your life - business, personal and spiritual.

For the first time in my life, I’m enjoying making my bed in the morning. Thanks, Dandapani!
— Tim Ferriss, Entrepreneur & Author of 'the 4-hour work week'

Nova Wightman

“I created the Spiritual Alignment Process to help you consciously focus your thoughts, emotions and vibration so that you can easily align with the powerful conscious co-creator that you REALLY Are.”

Nova is devoted to blending spirituality with the humanity of life in order to help you find deeper meaning in life. As a life coach, a Conversations with God Coach on Neale Donald Walsch’s team, an NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy Worker and Host of her own radio show, Spiritual Alignment Radio, Nova has a rich toolbox to help teach you how to tap into your greater purpose.

As the author of Awake & Aligned, Nova shares her process and shows how to functionally and authentically BE who you really are in everything you say, think and do! And even when life brings you challenges, Nova can show you how going through a breakdown, can lead to breakthroughs by using what’s there to bring you back into alignment with who you are.

By putting together the pieces of your spiritual puzzle with practical daily practices to connect to your highest vibrational spirit, Nova can help you create real forward momentum in your life - so you can manifest the things you most want out of life!

Nova has given me the skills to master my own emotions, and thereby to master every situation I encounter in life. As a result, everything continues to improve, and life just keeps on getting better and better!
— DR. COREY LEE LEWIS, Speaker, Coach, and Author of 'The Art of Becoming'

Sylvie Dagenais-Douville

“Laughter for the Health of it!”

What if there was a fun way to manage stress?

We are now at a new wellness frontier, a space where we understand that our emotional health is as important as our physical health and that we can have an impact on how we feel by simply changing small behaviors, movements and sounds.

Laughter yoga, a unique exercise program sweeping the world where anyone can laugh without using jokes, humor, and comedies. Based on scientific facts it is truly a life changing experience, being practiced in more than 108 countries.

Laughter Yoga goes beyond just laughter. With regular practice one can develop a positive mental attitude which will help us to go through challenging times. This inner spirit of laughter is your ability to stay alive and positive mental state despite all challenges.

Discover this amazing stress buster! Come and laugh with Sylvie! *no yoga experience required 

Published author, public speaker and founder of the Laughing Institute, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville is a dynamic Master trainer of Laughter Yoga, who is very serious about her laughter! Trained by Doctor Madan Kataria the founder of Laughter Yoga movement, Sylvie has been invited to present Laughter Yoga at conferences and workshop sessions all over the Country and Internationally. 

When we laugh, we change, and when we change, the world changes!

Be the change you want to see in the world
— Gandhi

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