The loving life force energy that connects us all to the universe AND the universe to us all



An assembly or meeting, especially a social one, held for a special purpose


I AM gatherings are...


Consciously connecting to our hearts and the I AM energy of the universe.

Choosing positivity,
compassion, and LOVE.


Deeply connecting with one another's presence and breaking down the walls that divide us.


I AM gatherings

start with you...


Your Spirit is your life force, the truth of who you are, and it is longing to be set free...


Are you ready?


meet the creator of

I AM gathering


Kathy Donnelly of Intuitive Spirit Marketing. Born a sensitive child in the sixties, I quickly learned that emotions and intuition had less value than commitment and intelligence. So, I pursued my life with passion and integrity and chose the creative field of media, marketing, and communications.

After the birth of my twin daughters I took a break from the traditional business world and surrendered to my sensitive nature. I devoted myself to learning Spirituality from many teachers. The term “Spiritual” to me, is interchangeable with New-Age or Metaphysics, and means the search for truth, purpose and the meaning of life.  This can include any of the following topics: Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction, Self-Help, Astrology, Meditation, Past Lives, Yoga, Mysticism, Mediumship etc.

Along my journey, I have found self-love and joy. My passion is to now help others embrace this state of being.

I’m a Medium, a Reiki Master and a meditation devotee. Through my “I AM gatherings”, I offer my voice and connection to spirit to all those embarking on their own unique, meaningful experience and embodiment with I AM!