photo by: @frog_guy2112

photo by: @frog_guy2112

This winter has set records and tried patience. Like most people, I'm more than ready to come out of hibernation...

I've been working hard on my well-being these past few months. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was pushed to my breaking point and ready to snap out of it!

...I knew I was ready to shed some weight, figuratively and literally! I was stuck in the vicious circle of shame and guilt, that kept growing and growing, quietly inside me.

...I knew I was capable of so much more and was feeling guilty about not walking the talk. If I was running a spiritual-based business, I had better be willing to live a high vibrational life.

...I knew I had to make myself a priority or I would run out of energy. The dreams were not enough to sustain me and move me towards my goals.

Then, the SHIFT happened!

It's amazing when you declare your intention and ask the universe, your guides, angels to help.

I was willing to look at my negative and addictive behaviours around food... I mean truthfully look at it and dissect it. I knew willpower alone wasn't going to fix my issues. I knew I needed food freedom from SUGAR. I've always eaten like a petulant teenager and subsisted on junk food. I knew I could no longer sustain that AND become the clear channel for my intuition and life to thrive.

That's when a program called WILDFIT caught my eye. They have taught me so much about my relationship with food, mindful eating and the different kinds of hunger...

It has changed my life!

  1. I'm sleeping like a baby (no more snoring!)
  2. I'm clear thinking and no longer forgetful
  3. I have energy to burn, even at 3 pm!!
  4. My skin is bright
  5. and I've shed weight! POUNDS and the baggage of shame I carried.

Thank you universe, my angels, and guides. I couldn't have done it without you.

I AM now ready to deliver kick-ass events that will change your life!

Kathy Donnelly