I have met the enemy... and it's me!

We all have that voice inside our head…

...The voice that sounds like it has your best interest at heart.
It's logical, but sometimes a bully, and most often a roadblock.
That voice, my friends, is your EGO.

Conditioned by a lifetime of other people's opinions,
societies and family "rules",
or possibly the indoctrination of church.

You are not your ego.
let me repeat...

You are not your ego.

You are a unique beautiful soul full of infinite potential, living a human existence.

Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called Ego
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Sonia Choquette says that our ego is a barking dog, there to warn us of danger, to assist us on our path of life. It's a great companion... but shouldn't run the show.



We are the boss, the dog's owner.

Your soul knows the way, and life decisions and choices are best made when you listen to your heart.

So the next time you hear that dog barking, and you are anxious about a looming decision... Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and drop into your heart space.

The heart is decisive and loving.

The ego will walk and talk in circles, trying to justify its ways. It will try to scare you with "what ifs" and fear.
No one ever said, "I should have listened to my ego" when reflecting on their past.

The next step towards liberation, of course, is to let go and "let GOD". Meaning trust yourself, trust GOD, trust creator, and trust the universe. 

And one last thing…

Get out of your own damn way!

This takes practice, a lot of practice. And also a lot of deciphering which voice is which, and where it’s really coming from... your ego or your heart.

Choose love over fear… and you will be living and loving your fullest life possible!

With love and gratitude to you all,

Kathy Donnelly