May the Force be with you...

It was with me in 1977!

When Star Wars (the movie) first hit the theatre, I was in grade 11 and living in Edmonton, AB. We had a local theatre at the Meadowlark Mall, just a block away from home.

The hype was growing for this movie so my parents decided on a family outing to see it.

Our family strut across the parking lot in our assortment of hip clothing (picture bell bottoms, levi cords, and jean jackets), around the mall to the theatre. And there, before our eyes, was the longest lineup I had ever encountered in my 16 years on the planet!

We shuffled into our place in line and were grateful when we made it in. I still remember the opening crawl sequence and the power of this imaginative piece of filmmaking!

Edmonton, 1977

Edmonton, 1977

But what does this movie have to do with me — and better yet — with you, dear reader?

The Force

When the credits played at the end, and we sat in our chairs in awe — I knew I had the force within me.


Okay, I knew I had some life force within me that made me different from the people I knew in my circle — I didn't really know the full extent... yet.

I trusted this force, I relied on it, I listened to it, but most importantly I acted on it.

I was recently called 'brave'.


Isn't that someone who faces unpleasant conditions without showing fear? like Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker?
or is BRAVE having an inner knowing, feeling fear...
but doing it anyways... Like:

  • Going to Europe at 16 in 1977 (before rolling suitcases and no smoking on airplanes!)
  • Breaking up with numerous boyfriends
  • Skipping my NAIT graduation to start my fabulous new job
  • Quitting my fabulous new job to get married and move away
  • Moving back and asking for my job back!
  • Moving to Europe for 5 years
  • Leaving the former Yugoslavia just months before war broke out
  • Taking a commission sales job (the scariest bold act — according to my mother!)
  • Leaving my first husband
  • Being a single mom to two boys
  • Falling in love and moving to Saskatchewan
  • Quitting another job
  • Wanting more children — and getting them — at 45!
  • Starting my own business before I was ready (...are you ever ready for that?)

All of my big, bold, brave moves.

To me, it feels like I've lived my life in a way that's very in-tune with my heart. Looking back, the times that I faced my biggest struggles was when I worried about what others would say. 
When I was scared about the 'what ifs?'
And when I came up with practical reasons why I shouldn't do it...

...which is why I've created I AM gatherings

Because I want people to feel the magic and joy of listening to their hearts, of learning to use their intuition and discovering their life force again!

Their divine I AM force

which leads to living authentically and lovingly.

I see you and you are beautiful!

With love and gratitude to you all,

Kathy Donnelly