I AM Kathy Donnelly


founder of I AM gathering


I am sensitive so I learned how to listen.

I rarely fit in so I became adaptable.

I was judged so I analyzed my behaviour.

I got bored easily so I changed the conversation.

I am curious so I keep asking questions and learning.

I loathe rules so I push boundaries.

I am brave so I take risks.

I am scared and excited and vulnerable.

I know I am not alone.



Inside we are all the same...

pure love and light, and so I AM gathering us together and I AM holding space for you.

I want you to see what I see, in you!

I want you to feel the connective thread woven between us all.

So I celebrate you and I create beautiful events to further open our hearts and minds to new paths and perspectives.

I love doing it for you.


Or You Might Want To...